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    By - visited on 14 April 2002

We visited Yosemite as part of a big California roadtrip with my parents. It was a good time of year to visit what with the waterfalls still bulging from the mountain snowmelt, warm springtime temperatures, and clear blue skies. Your average Californian day basically.

As you drive into the park along Highway 140, you get a nice slow build-up with the valley walls getting progressively steeper, lush vegetation everywhere you look, and the occasional waterfall coming into view high in the mountains.

Once El Capitan comes into view, the show really begins! At this point, you realise you are somewhere really special. It's like the park designers have gone out and made these hugh impressive structures out of polystyrene and placed them in strategically pleasing positions. You can't quite get your head around how nature could have sculpted so many beautiful rock forms and water channels in the one concentrated area.

Suffice it to say, we really enjoyed our trip here and wish we'd had the opportunity to explore the backcountry as well. One day maybe.