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    By - visited on 9 April 2009

Despite a poor record of keeping dry on previous kayaking trips (two out of three have resulted in a "Darrell Dunking") we were excited at the prospect of a multi-day trip which incorporated camping. Being novices, we needed to find a location that was not too difficult, calm waters, yet big enough to let us stretch our legs (or should that be paddles?) for three days. Jervis Bay Kayaks offer the perfect package on the expansive St Georges Basin stretch of water. The kayaks have enough storage space to stow all of your camping provisions and a cruising speed that makes you feel like you are covering a respectable distance.

After the initial briefing, we set off in glorious conditions feeling slightly unsteady in the kayaks. The extra weight of our gear did seem to make them more stable in contrast to previous trips, so we were thankful for that.

The camping was some of the best we have experienced in NSW. The option to just pull up and camp wherever you like was a real treat and a lot of the shoreline is inaccessible by road so it gives it a real wilderness feel. The peace is spoiled however by the constant drone of outboard motors in the distance and we were unlucky to pick a second night camp site near a sandbar which attracted an unruly flock of seagulls that squawked the entire night! You can't have everything I suppose.

Great trip, highly recommend it!