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    By - visited on 16 June 2008

We took a week out to travel around the south of France, with a possible view to settling down there some day. The agenda consisted of driving from Nice westward, passing through some of the more interesting villages, towns and cities that we had shortlisted from Google browsing. To conclude the trip, we dropped in to the posh chav cities of Cannes and Monte Carlo to see how the other half live.

Starting from the outskirts of Nice we headed north west to the pretty towns of St. Paul de Vence and Grasse (tourist magnets). St. Paul especially was built to be featured on a postcard with its quaint narrow cobbled streets, church towers, and hefty tourists desperately searching for a McDonalds.

Moving on, we head further west to the Provence triangle of Salon de Provence, Avignon and Nimes, the latter being the highlight. The countryside in amongst these towns is very pretty. We concluded that the south of France is basically one big vineyard with grapes being grown on every spare plot of land to be found. The Cotes du Rhone area was stunning with vines immaculately lined up across sun drenched valleys.

Finishing off in busy Monte Carlo we got a good taste of what southern France is all about - we will be back!