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    By - visited on 25 August 2007

We ventured out on a Sunday jaunt in the world's second oldest national park here in New South Wales, Australia. The most popular trail in the park is the 26km 'Coast Walk' which hugs the eastern coastline down its entire length. We followed it starting from Bundeena ferry jetty and ended at Otford railway station.

The first part of the trail from Bundeena to the Marley beaches was idyllic with spring-like temperatures, fantastic coastal views, much to see and photograph ... we were in our element! The second leg to Wattamolla beach was enjoyable still with amazing sea cliffs, boats sailing past, lizards sunbathing ... good to stretch the ol' legs out! At this point we realised we'd only completed a third of the journey ... eek! Heads down, we charged on to reach Garie beach for a late lunch (or was it early dinner?) with many miles to go and water supply low.

Setting off again, photography, scenic diversions, personal grooming and social conversation all had to take a back seat as we charged on past North / South Era beaches and up onto the Cliff Track. Enjoyable walking had been transformed into self-administered frogmarching! A final leg through the forest saw us eventually peel out into Otford railway station in the dark. A nine hour trek in total, phew!

All in all, a magical experience, but for those considering the Coast Walk in a day, we would suggest thighs-of-steel status and a swift pace!

Also featured in the second slideshow is a later trek walking from Heathcote to Waterfall train stations via Audley in the National Park. Not as majestic as the Coast Walk obviously, but interesting nonetheless.