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    By - visited on 17 November 2009

The Routeburn Track was our most anticipated trek in this part of the world since it is one of the more famous of the nine New Zealand Great Walks. As such, we were keen to wait for a spell of good weather since the Fiordland National Park is renowned for its temperamental weather.

Setting out from the eastern end of the trail on the Glenorchy side, we made our way up and over the Harris Saddle to the western endpoint at The Divide. After some glorious experiences previously on the quiet NZ back country trails, we were a little concerned at the trail head to see large number of trekkers and day-trippers starting out. Fortunately, once we got going, everybody spaced out and we could enjoy the peaceful natural views and sounds on offer.

In our usual style, we opted to camp rather than stay in the huts along the track. The huts in New Zealand are of a very high standard and perfect for those wanting the lightweight option or new to wilderness trekking. Camping is equally enjoyable and possibly more rewarding due to the self-sufficiency, cosy, quiet, snoring-free angle. Granted, you have to carry more weight and battle the elements in harsh weather, but this only adds to the adventure.

Overall, the Routeburn was a very enjoyable trek and the pictures and video below tell the rest of the story. Whilst most people will find this an enjoyable trail, it will best wow those looking for a comfortable introduction to wilderness trekking.