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    By - visited on 29 May 2015

We had a brilliant session a few years ago on the Motorcycle Off-Road Experience (MORE) day organised by the AMCA. See link for details. It was free when we attended, but I now see that they charge a tiny amount for it. Still an absolute bargain!

AMCA sent me an email about a 'Yamaha Experience Day' for 150 pounds in a variety of locations across the country. I was officially intrigued. A full day of motocross action for a small group of people, regardless of skill level. We chose the Nympsfield, Gloucestershire location and I convinced my father-in-law and a friend to attend. They were both excited and nervous about what they were getting themselves into.

We turned up and were greeted by Craig (Chief Coach, AMCA) and Tom (Yamaha rider). Good guys. Easy going. After an intro speech about the day's agenda and how to ride the bikes. we did a few laps on the 'prove yourself' field course and then were swiftly introduced to a section of the Nympsfield motocross course. The undulation on this track was impressive. It takes the experts about 2mins30 to ride the full course, compared to about 1min50 on most other courses. The surface was freshly ploughed dirt, and mostly easy apart from where the grooves and rocks appeared.

Check out the video for a ride around the track. It's only my second time doing this properly, so give me some slack. It was a brilliant experience and I would recommend it to anybody seeking some petrol-fuelled fun. The bikes do need to be treated with respect else you'll be on the floor before you know it. And a word of caution. For those who are unfit. You'll probably be aching for about 3 days afterwards, but the pain wears off and you'll have the memories forever!