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    By - visited on 28 January 2010

We were first made aware of this quaint little island by our friend Jon on the Overland Track. From his account, he could quite happily live there for the rest of his life. We were intrigued!

Having just finished the South Coast Track and Freycinet Kayaking, we decided that a visit en-route back to Hobart was mandatory. On paper, the island appears as though it should check all of our perfect trekking and camping criteria; dedicated national park, no vehicular access, low tourist numbers, variety of wildlife, good weather ... the list goes on. The island also has a rich history including Aboriginal remains, convict settlements and the remnants of Diego Bernacchi's campaign to make Maria a profitable enterprise.

Let me just state for the record - (1) we were tired from previous Tasmania exertions, and (2) we had recent memories of spectacular travels around New Zealand South Island. As such, after a couple of days of wandering around Maria Island, we weren't blown away like the guide book would suggest. I mean, it is a nice island, very laid back and natural, but for seasoned travellers in this area, it doesn't offer much above the standard Tasmania wilderness experience.

Overall, its a nice excursion for for day-trippers wanting to spend a night in the wilderness or those wanting to completely chill for a few days. Adrenalin-junkies need not apply.