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    By - visited on 2 January 2003

Lake Louise Mountain Resort boasts some impressive statistics in terms of ski-able area and variety of runs, and as you can imagine, we were keen to get stuck in to all it had to offer.

Unfortunately for us, we were there in January on an El NiƱo year which meant we had to contend with 'marginal conditions' as they put it. This led to some interesting obstacles to avoid whilst skiing including rocky outcrops, patches of ice, and exposed grassy reeds!<

That said, it was easy to see the potential of the place on deep powdery days. There was a lot of off-piste tree runs which always excites us boarders ... and the steep bowls on the north face looked awesome.<

Despite all of this, we definitely had some fun on both the boards and skis. Since there were a few icy days, we decided to don the two planks and keep our limited skiing skills alive. Bravely, we even got a few ski jumps in (I mean how hard can it be!) although it's even harder to look cool mid-air as a novice ski jumper than it is with snowboarding. The pictures tell the full story.