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    By - visited on 4 August 2011

It's embarrassing that we haven't explored more of Scotland by now since I grew up across the border and Gill has Highland family roots. Also it's full of the things we love like mountains, lakes, fried food, etc. Fortunately our good friends Andy and SarahKate decided they needed one more highland fling before they jet off on their world travels so we joined them for a long weekend in Mull.

We originally planned to meet in Orkney but it's too much of a costly nightmare to get up there for anything less than a week's holiday. Mull was fairly easy consisting of a flight to Glasgow, a hire car to Oban and then a ferry across to the island. Once across you soon realise that fast paced life is a style left behind on mainland. Over here life is simpler, slower and more relaxing. Perfect!

Having limited days on Mull, we decided to do a coastal walk on the south of the island on the first day and then the excellent Tumas Mara boat trip out to the bird colonies on Staffa and the Trishnesh islands. There's a lot of hiking and camping possibilities on the island which we'll have to tackle on a return visit.

Much silliness was practiced at all parts of the day with spirits running high. This was not not directly caused by the sampling of single malt whiskey, but it helped. The weather was fantastic, almost unheard of in this part of the world.

Lodging in Tobermory for two nights kept us entertained with excellent seafood, drinks, a smattering of shops and live Scottish music. All in all a thoroughly enjoyable trip. We'll be back!