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    By - visited on 8 April 2002

Our most memorable experience of the Grand Canyon is our hiking trip down into the Havasupai reservation to see the spectacular Havasu and Mooney Falls.

The native indians live a peaceful life 10 miles down into the canyon from the nearest road. To get there you must hike down with all of your camping gear. For those not able (or bone idle) there is the option of mule transportation, but sniffing donkey-horse for 3 hours ain't my idea of fun.

The scenery en-route to the waterfalls is classic Grand Canyon'esque sandstone with the occasional dry river bed thrown in to spice things up a bit. Once you reach the Supai village, you register with the camp site and then head down further to Havasu Falls. Spectacular is the only word to describe it and the sight makes the hard trek down worthwhile.

For those with balls of steel, you can attempt a further trek from the camp down to the Colorado river at the base of the Grand Canyon. We tried, but only got about half way and realised we wouldn't make there and back again in a day.