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    By - visited on 16 June 2002

Heading south out of Yellowstone National Park on Route 191, we quickly stumble into Grand Teton National Park with its famous jagged peaks and alpine surroundings.

We spent one day here with visions of completing a magnificent trek up and around the Tetons ... something that Reinhold Messner himself would have been proud of. Instead, we lummoxed up one of the trails like Kevin and Perry, absolutely shattered from a week on the road. Clearly we should have given ourselves a few more rest days, but with so much to see in this part of the world, it's difficult to replace a day of adventure and sightseeing for a day of loafing.

Clearly, this park is the very epitome of alpine splendour on U.S. soil and it would have been great to spend a few more days here trekking around and camping with magnificent mountain backdrop views as you glug on some Merlot. Even better would be to see it again in the colder winter months when the Tetons really come into their photographic element with snow drenched peaks and frozen glacial lakes.