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    By - visited on 12 July 2013

What an event! If you have any interest in cars, then visiting this festival is an absolute must in your lifetime.

I hadn't previously understood the scale of this festival. I was vaguely aware of the hill climb element, but not the incredible range of cars that would feature, both on and off the track. I mean we're talking old school racers, classic cars, rally cars, American muscle cars, Formula 1 cars, turbo-charged vans, sports cars, super cars ... the list goes on and on and on.

The manufacturers' pavilions give an opportunity to get up-close and touchy-feely with their latest wares. If you're in the market for a new car, then it's a good way to check out a wide range of models all in one location. In fact, Goodwood FoS is a far more enjoyable motor show setting than the indoor arena equivalents.

Aside from the visual feast, the sounds that reverberate around the event are amazing. The roar from non-silenced, racing engines is enough to make the uninitiated mutter "What the @#$% is that?" on first listen.

Special mention to the Goodwood Action Sports (GAS) event also. Fabulous show and some really top skills on display, especially the MotoX bikes and they're aerial tricks. The American commentator was very funny. A good addition to the festival.

I loved this event. We were lucky to attend both the Moving Motor Show on the Thursday, and the Festival of Speed on the Saturday. Even after two days at the event, I think we only saw two thirds of what was on offer. I can easily see myself going back in future years.