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    By - visited on 14 June 2002

Glacier National Park is one of our favourites in the USA, located high up on the Canadian border in the state of Montana. The moment you enter the park, the unbelievable razor sharp mountain backdrop slaps you round the face and you think Wow ... this is something special!

Spending three days here, we checked out the western side (around Lake McDonald which is the main touristy area) and two aspects of the eastern side (trekking around Two Medicine Lake and driving around the sights of St. Mary Lake).

The vertical relief of the mountain faces is just awesome, combined with the deep blue lakes and dark green forests ... just spectacular! You have to take precautions for bears whilst trekking since they can smell a pastrami sandwich in your backpack from miles away. Glacier is home to Black bears and Grizzly bears, both of which you'd do well to avoid. As a starter, we suggest double zip-lock bagging packed lunches and making occasional noises on quiet trails.