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    By - visited on 25 April 2009

Words cannot describe the excitement and adrenaline caused by this drive day. Granted, you need to be a bit of a petrol-head in order to get maximum enjoyment from the day, but for us this was no problem as our tipple of choice is a fine bottle of Chateau Maranello Super-Unleaded '96.

The format for the day is great. Eight lucky drivers get to spend the day with four different Ferraris and switch seats every forty minutes ... half the time driving and the other half as passenger taking in the views and noises. This works well as intense concentration for a full day driving would be tiring.

The group format works famously as you have a swarm of Ferrari engines around you as you drive, and the breaks give you a chance to swap stories and marvel on the day so far.

Thanks to Walter and Robert for looking after us. In their own words, the day is not about a strict regime of what you can't do, more advice on what you should do to get the most enjoyment from it all. For the money per seat, the day works out to be remarkable value given the variety, all-inclusive meals and drinks, and an open ticket to give these Maranello beauties the time of their life. Highly recommended!