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    By - visited on 12 January 2009

After driving for hundreds of kilometres on the northern tablelands alongside plain grassy fields, it comes as a bit of a surprise when you suddenly stumble upon an area of dense rainforest and a complete shift in ecosystem. If you zoom in on the map on the right, I presume it is due to the fact that the land just drops away eastwards and there must be heavy rainfall in this area as the warm coastal air rises. Whatever the reason, this is certainly a gem of an area that rightfully features in the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia list which is somehow linked to World Heritage listed status.

For most visitors, Dorrigo is well known for its 'Skywalk' providing unbridled views of the undulating scenery all the way out to the coast. It couldn't be any easier to access what with it being located at the back of the visitors centre (200m from car seat to Skywalk viewpoint). The onsite cafe served up quality food and drinks which prepared us well for the Wonga Walk circuit to come.

When you descend down to the rainforest floor, it's like entering a different world. Dark and mysterious, dwarfed by huge looming trees all fighting for space and sunlight. Australians don't need to travel by airplane to the Amazon Basin to appreciate how a rainforest works since they've got such a good working example here on their doorstep. Love it!