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    By - visited on 14 January 2009

I can imagine Byron Bay would feature in most people's itinerary when doing a roadtrip north through NSW. It deservedly has a reputation for being an idyllic, chilled-out beach resort and the centre of town was packed with youngters, tourists and a few hippies all wanting a piece of the action. We tried to get some accommodation here for one night, but the place is so popular that it was difficult to find any nice places that would offer a single night stay.

After spending the night before at the Angourie Rainforest Resort south of Yamba and taking a couple of hours in the morning to lounge by their pool (erm, yes, we do need relaxation occasionally!), we spent most of the afternoon in Byron Bay eager to soak up as much as it had to offer in a short space of time. By the end of the day, Gill was begging me to bring her back here for a long weekend. It might happen, but then again, there's so many places to see in Australia that it becomes difficult to revisit places given the long distances involved.

The highlights of what we saw are summarised below in the photos. We didn't get a chance to see any of the town centre which looked like it had some interesting bars and restaurants as we drove through.

Overall, a big thumbs up!