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    By - visited on 19 November 2005

When I first booked this trip, I was assured that this would be a pleasurable biking experience allowing plenty of time for pictures and views. How wrong they were ... in fact I'd classify it more akin to an ironman triathlon boot camp! Thing is, this was part of our honeymoon and whilst we were taking on a number of adventures in this trip, we didn't want to get into tense pressure situations which would lead to arguments (which is exactly what happened).

Granted, the views were spectacular and we had perfect weather, but this was offset by the saddle gulch pain as we notched up 60km each day over some of the roughest cobblestone roads known to man! Poor Gill had bruising on the underside of her arms from the incessant handlebar jarring and ended up releasing a barrage of abuse at me for booking such a ridiculous trip.

Our accommodation was extremely dubious until we complained. Our first night was spent in a freezing outhouse in the middle of nowhere, the second in a crappy hotel in Latacunga with two single beds (on our honeymoon?). We threatened to call the whole trip off, after which conditions improved with the third night spent in the legendary 'Black Sheep Inn' on Thanksgiving Day which was a great experience.

Be careful when booking trips like this through local agents. Their concept of what international honeymooners want for a holiday can be very different to your own. All in all a memorable trip (now that the pain and all the weirdness has been forgotten!).