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    By - visited on 14 June 2005

Many tourists visiting Dubai will not see the need to leave the pampered style of life in the big city, but there's much fun to be had elsewhere in the country only a short distance away. On the road from Dubai to Hatta, there's an uprising of sand dunes with the biggest known as 'Big Red' about one hour out of Dubai. Locals use it as their playground for ripping up some sand and having fun in their 4x4s. For tourists there are some conveniently placed quad bike hire places where you can get your kicks out on the red hot sand burning rubber.

We visited Big Red on a number of occasions dragging friends and family that came to stay. You get 30 minutes of action, which may not seem much thinking about it, but out there in the relentless sunshine with baking hot sand spraying in your face, it ends up being just about right.

The owners are fairly accommodating about you giving it a bootful on the bikes. I managed to roll one of mine, get it stuck in the fence, and rack up some serious air miles. It's been a while since we last visited so not sure who runs the site now but I've sure it's still fun.

When you've finished, there's a conveniently placed garage across the road to buy drinks and ice cream, which will seem like the best you've ever tasted. Highly recommended!