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    By - visited on 24 January 2009

In preparation for our upcoming Overland Track adventure in Tasmania, we decided it would be wise to do a short practice run to make sure that we were well prepared. Ed and Mericia selected Barrington Tops as the destination, and on reflection they couldn't have made any finer choice as it tested all the areas (with the exception of the cold) that we would endure in Tasmania.

As we arrived at the starting point at noon, we were a little concerned at the temperature (36 degrees C) with the prospect of a very steep first day climb up to Wombat Creek campground. It took sweating into a whole new league with steep hills and heavy backpacks. So much so, a drip of sweat fell from me into one of the buttons on our camera and took it out {sob}. Turns out Ed's memory card corrupted also during the weekend (later recovered), therefore Barrington Tops is now known as 'camera killer country'.

There's a lot of great sights and sounds in the park. Highlights included swimming in the river at Junction Pools, above the cloud-base views from Carey's Peak, pretty vistas across the Barrington swamps and falling asleep to the soothing rumble of a nearby thunder storm. Thanks to Barry and Ed for a copy of their pics - lifesavers!