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    By - visited on 19 October 2011

When we tell people that we spent four days and five nights on Easter Island, the general response is, "Where's that??" We then tell them that Easter Island is in the Pacific Ocean and it's home to the mysterious and wonderful Moai statues. "Huh??" Ok, fine. "Have you ever seen Night at the Museum? Easter Island is where that big talking statue is from... dum, dum!" "OH! Cool!"

We went to Easter Island in October for a long weekend. It's a long and expensive journey, but worth it for this once-in-a-lifetime adventure! As the plane skims over turquoise blue waters and comes in to land amongst lush green palm trees, you know you're in for a wonderful trip!

We stayed in a cabin outside of the only little town on the island. Days were spent exploring the island, enjoying the perfect sunny weather, dipping toes in the crystal clear waters and talking with the friendly locals. Evenings meant incredible sunsets over the ocean, island music on the radio and total quiet.

The Moai for which the island is famous are grey and looming all around the coast. Offering great photo opportunities at each corner, we took advantage and got tons of great pics! The owner of our cabin gave us small seashell necklaces before we boarded our flight back to Santiago. A beautiful reminder of a beautiful trip!